Buy Plastic Regrind in Salt Lake City, UT

We have a complete quality control program which allows our end customers to purchase regrind materials from us with the assurance the material is clean of co-mingled materials, paper, wood, and metal. This peace of mind is part of our "World Class" approach in conducting business. From prompt and no-charge pick ups and delivery, to quick payments to our vendors, makes doing business with Reaction Polymers, Inc. a step above our competition.

Reaction Polymers, Inc. specializes in high quality regrind materials. Many of our materials come from medical manufactures which offers some of the following advantages. The materials are not co-mingled; they have only one heat history, and are always free from metal, paper, or other forms of contamination. Materials we offer include, but are not limited to the following:

Polycarbonate PVC Rigid
Polyethylene Nylon
PETG Polystyrene
Acrylic Cellulosics
ABS Custom Compounding
Polypropylene Color Concentrates
PVC Flex Other

In addition to reground material, we also offer virgin, reprocessed, colorants, and additives such as UV inhibitors, etc.

How to ensure the plastics you purchase are going to fit your needs

There are a myriad of plastics options, however you might not always get what you expect. More >