Sell Plastic Scrap in Salt Lake City, UT

We provide the pick-up of materials, recycling containers, and transportation of material all at no cost. We also pay for the materials in a prompt manner eliminating the common fear many customers might have about receiving compensation for their materials.

We also provide toll grinding for clients who wish to recycle their own materials back into their products but may not have the equipment or time to perform that function. We'll pick up the material, regrind it, and return it to you in lined gaylords banded to pallets for easy reuse.

We can also recycle shrink wrap, film, old corrugated cardboard, purgings and other material you may have thought had no worth or value. By recycling a variety of materials we truly offer our customers a one stop approach.

Top 3 Things You Can Do to Get the Best Price when Selling Your Plastic

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At Reaction Polymers, Inc. we strive to make every transaction as painless and easy as possible. Why not call us or e-mail us today to see how we might be able to assist you?